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About Me.

Born and raised in Wyoming in the 1960s, Bill gained a deep appreciation of natural aesthetics,
freedom, and a sense of space, all of which influence his artwork.
Initially graduating with a degree in civil engineering, Bill worked for many years in a wide as a
professional in a broad swath of situations involving road and infrastructure construction,
systems analysis, surveying, mapping, drafting, and designing. These experiences all gave him
an insight into how complex ideas can be communicated to widely diverse audiences—and how
visual perceptions can be arranged to help people consider ideas from different perspectives. He
recognized that when people engage in familiar situations but from unfamiliar directions it can
lead to self-awareness, which can then lead to long-held dogma evolving into something more
useful like introspection, self-analysis, acceptance, or even just a recognition of the wonder in a
scene not previously appreciated.
After a long career of using science as a language, Bill used an extended recovery time from a
freak injury as an opportunity to redirect his focus into using art as a more efficient means of
altering perspectives. Instead of concrete and steel bridges, he now uses his artwork to build
mental bridges to connect people on philosophical levels rather than physical ones. In 2023 Bill
achieved a major step in his artistic dreams when he graduated Summa Cum Laude from the
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a BFA in painting.
Drawing on a lifetime of eclectic experiences, Bill strives to visually represent how the
individual and the physical environment might interact, where physical laws are optional while
strategically injecting measures of irony, reality, and humor. He hopes to create a space where
one can take a mental breather and digest images and ideas from angles outside of media-driven
and manipulated narratives.
Bill lives in Savannah Georgia and makes paintings, installations, and mixed media artworks.





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